Coloinseattle provides a highly redundant multi-layered network designed with redundancies in mind. We are able to provide:

  • Circuit size from 1mbps to multiple 10Gbps transit and/or transport.
  • Our burstable bandwidth blend consist of Multiple Premium quality carriers and is billed with industry standard 95th percentile billing (link to 95th percentile description).
  • Our Unmetered bandwidth blend is a good product choice for customers who needs large and consistent amount of bandwidth utilization but do not require premium quality providers.
  • As of today, the mix of carriers in our network are: Spectrum Networks, Internap, Corelink, Peer1, TWTelecom and Seattle Internet Exchange Peering.


Redundant Bandwidth Options
Coloinseattle is a carrier neutral facility and our customers can directly work with other vendors for their bandwidth needs. Visit our Datacenter page to look at the available bandwidth providers in the same datacenter campus.

We also have the ability to help facilitate a shared fiber cross connect that will provide transport to the Seattle Westin Building 19th Floor Meet Me Room. Customers who requires redundant bandwidth offerings from Coloinseattle network will receive:

  • Redundant input network drops to support failover.
  • We will work with customers to evaluate what will be the best options available to setup the redundant bandwidth options such as BGP, or Port Channeled, OSPF or Failover HA security appliances.
  • Redundant network speed must match the primary network speed in order for it to work properly.
  • Out-of-Band Bandwidth option to access their “backdoor” network by using Out of Band (OOB) connectivity. Transport to Westin Building MMR.

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