Layer 3 Routing Switch
Coloinseattle would like to make it worry free for customers to deploy their colocation at our facility, including fully managing your network for you! If you don’t want to have the hassle of managing your routing switch for your colocation needs, we’d be happy to do so for you.

  • Rent fully managed Layer3 routing switch that can be used as your network gateway.
  • Work with you to design your network as needed and help deploy and manage it for you.
    • Most of the Layer3 Routing switch that we offer has high port counts, so you can also directly plug all of your servers to the same switch in a simple network configuration.
  • Our network engineers can help design a scalable solutions with High Available Core switching layer, and High Available Top of the rack layer for you.


Security Appliance/VPN
Coloinseattle understand that many customers would prefer to deploy secured network that would function as Firewall and/or VPN termination device in their network.

  • Our network engineer can help you design, deploy, fully manage and backup your security appliances for you.
  • We typically deploy Cisco ASA based security appliance that can be used to create
    • NAT Based Private Network
    • setup Peer-2-Peer VPN Tunnel back to your network
    • Publish your application servers with secured Access Control Lists
    • Act as secured outbound gateway for your network.
  • We can help deploy this security appliance in a Highly Available (HA) Network Setup


Console Switch
We can provide a console switch in your infrastructure so that you have direct console access to all of your networking devices. This console access will be invaluable to manage your datacenter remotely, typically used for network devices or server serial access.


KVM/IP Switch A KVM Switch allows you to control your servers and access its console screen to provide secure BIOS-Level remote access. With Enterprise KVM/IP switch deployed in your rack, you will be able to

  • Remotely access all of your servers as if you are standing in front of it.
  • With virtual media access, you’d also be able to mount your favorite Operating system and perform a remote OS installation using the KVM/IP switch.
  • Shared KVM/IP switch means that you are sharing this device with other customers and you’d only be able to access the KVM/IP screen via Internet Web Browsers.
  • Dedicated KVM/IP switch means that you will have a dedicated switch only for your usage.


*This is a better choice if you wish to assign your own security policy, assign multiple users for the KVM/IP access, or access the remote console via desktop based application. We typically use Avocent or Raritan for our KVM/IP

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